5 tools to improve the ability to write in English

People often do not notice how difficult it can be to express their thoughts in a form written on paper or, more often, on a computer screen. English is a difficult language to learn even for people born in Anglo-Saxon countries. If English is not your first language, going through difficult phases while learning is something completely natural. If you want to improve your writing skills in English or you want to test them from scratch, I have good news for you: thanks to modern technology, you have plenty of tools that can help you. They simplify your steps in the context of you write yourself. But if you need quality instant writing, they can’t help much. For example, if you need a quality essay while you don’t have enough time then hiring a cheap essay writing service is the recommended option.

Below we present 5 of them

Hemingway – Hemingway is an editorial tool that is unparalleled both in the work of a writer or a businessman, but also in the life of every student. The Hemingway app is designed to allow writers to understand both the complexity and the simplicity of the sentences they wrote. This program marks sentences that do not make sense or are too complicated and suggest how they can be replaced so that they are easier to receive.

Microsoft Word Help – If most of your work is done via the Internet, then you will almost need to use Microsoft Word. For those who often use Word, but still have trouble with it, a great solution can be Microsoft Word Help. Thanks to it, we will gain access to a wide range of useful guides and tutorials that help users effectively use the full functionality of Word and thus develop their writing skills, such as how to correctly use capital letters. Regardless of whether you are learning the correct application of grammar or constructing sentences, Microsoft Word Help will help you in everything.

Thesaurus – Thesaurus website is absolutely irreplaceable for those who want to improve their writing skills in English and want to learn more about the language itself. The site offers the meanings of words, definitions, useful grammar tips, quizzes and many other tools. Even the most talented writers admit to visiting the Thesaurus regularly.

Daily Writing Tips – As you might guess, Daily Writing Tips offers a range of tips to help you develop your writing skills. Every day there are new tips on the site to ensure continuous learning. The tips are usually presented in the form of articles, sometimes there are quizzes that will allow you to quickly check the state of your knowledge. Regardless of whether you want to work on spelling, grammar, punctuation or even vocabulary, Daily Writing Tips will help you quickly develop your English writing skills.

Learning Path – our last point on the list is Learning Path. This site gives visitors access to a series of free courses on creative writing that come from extremely reliable and widely respected sources. Learningpath.org will prove irreplaceable if you want to improve your essay writing skills, achieve a higher standard in poetry, or start your career as a writer.

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